Team of Expert Dog Trainers

Nanci Alldred

Nanci began teaching obedience in Montgomery county over 13 years ago and has taught classes ranging from Puppy Kindergarten, Beginners and Intermediate levels.

She is a firm believer that the foundation laid in training is an important step for all dogs and their owners.  Nanci enjoys seeing dogs and their humans be successful and happy while learning new skills.  She believes training should be fun and rewarding for both dog and handler.  She has an innovative and fun teaching style which makes classes fun and interesting.

Nanci is a member of IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) and regularly attends seminars and events to broaden her teaching based and keep current on mew methods and ideas in training.  She is also a long standing AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Nanci is currently owned by two goofy and loveable Labrador Retrievers – Dover and Ransom -  and has earned numerous competition titles in AKC Rally, Obedience, Field and Farm work.

Tina Hatfield

Tina Hatfield has been teaching Obedience for the past 15 years in various locations throughout Montgomery County – in Horsham at the Horsham Veterinary Hospital, in Wyndmoor at Suburban Dog Training Club and in Colmar at the K9JYM. An advocate of “not one method” Tina believes you can’t apply the same training techniques to every dog. Each student needs to be approached with multiple ideas to figure out what method works best.

She combines practical applications in training, all the while making it fun for your dog to learn. Helping students realize their dogs have so much potential and seeing that development is incredibly rewarding! Tina competes predominately in AKC venues with her Golden Retrievers, Annie and Parker, and in Obedience and Agility. She has experience in Tracking and Therapy Dog venues too.

Additionally she is an AKC evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program.

Sue Obenrader

Sue joins the instructor squad at Old York Road, where she'll be working with owners and their puppies in the Kindergarten class. She comes with several years of experience as a KPT and Rally instructor at Suburban Dog Training Club where she continues to teach. Sue competes with her Labrador Retrievers, Tucker, Zoe and Maisie in AKC Rally and Obedience.

Thankfully they have Oscar the cat to keep them all in line!

Caryn Appleton

Caryn joined Old York Road Dog Training Club as a student and quickly blossomed into an instructor role. An avid dog lover, Caryn approached teaching with enthusiasm and motivation for her students and curriculum. Currently she teaches the puppy kindergarten classes but is also qualified to teach beginners and intermediate levels too.  

Caryn loves life with Woody and Buzzie, her two mixed breed dogs who have earned AKC Rally titles and certifications due to their excellent team work!

Alina Woods

Alina joins the instructor team with 6 years of teaching obedience classes at PetSmart. Always an avid dog lover - but sadly couldn't get her first dog due to allergies in the household until she was 17!

Alina has studied with the SPCA, concentrating on canine rehabilitation, aggression and fight behaviors. Additionally she has worked with service dogs and currently has Charlie, a Chinese Crested and Rei, a Schapendoes. Lastly Alina keeps her spectrum broad and works with folks individually with her own business, Through the Woods Dogventures.

Alina is an AKC evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program.


Joanne joins the OYRDTC Instructor core with multiple years of experience in obedience and in nose work instruction.  She has been training dogs for more than a decade, and still loves every minute of it!  While she enjoys obedience training immensely, her nose work classes have become a continuous source of pleasure for both her and (she hopes) her students.  Her nose work instruction is the main reason she was invited to join OYRDTC, where she feels like she has found a home.  Joanne believes that dog training should be a joy for both the trainer and the dog, and tries to instill that feeling in all her students.  Joanne shares her home with Twister, a pit mix.  Additionally, Joanne is an AKC certified CGC Evaluator.

Heather Schild

Heather joined the instructor team at Old York Road Dog Training 2 years ago and comes with many years of dog experience as a pet owner as well as having a mother who is also an obedience instructor.  She teaches classes ranging from puppy kindergarten to intermediate levels and has a fun style of presenting new skills and ideas. Her main goal is seeing students and their pups learn and grow together as a team.  Heather feels training should be a fun and rewarding experience for both dog and human.  She has a special affinity for rescued and fearful dogs and loves when she can help them become more confident, happy and secure.

Heather shares her life with Izzy an 11 year old  Labrador Retriever who she rescued 5 years ago.  Since then Heather and Izzy have earned their CGC, CGCA, tricks and farm dog certification titles.

Old York Road Dog Training Club